With one-stop service
We accept the design and manufacture
of various manufacturing equipment.

Bonds Co., Ltd. mainly designs and manufactures equipment for semiconductor-related products, as well as equipment for various types and small lots such as electrical and electronic parts and units.

We provide one-stop support for ideal equipment manufacturing by consistently handling planning and design, material procurement, processing, assembly, and delivery and installation work at the customer's site. Utilizing the reliable technology network that we have cultivated, we can flexibly respond to custom consultations for existing equipment.

At the cutting edge of business, we are constantly updating our facilities to keep pace with customers who are pursuing new technologies and higher quality.
We aim to provide processed products that meet strict requirements and specifications. We are committed to compliance and confidentiality.

Main manufacturing results

  • Design and manufacture of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, and photovoltaic power generation equipment
  • Design and manufacture of electrical and electronic components, units, and peripheral devices
  • Design and manufacture of peripheral devices such as wafer transfer machines such as vibration detection systems and device operation panels